"Sistine" Art Deco Multi-Gem Necklace

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18 Karat
18 Karat
Art Deco style cocktail necklace hand-crafted beautifully with integrated floral art and a spectacular array of gemstones.
Item Number: N9172-161

This spectacularly luxurious piece is decorated in the style of Art Deco, an ideal fit for the artistic woman.

The pendant is rich in its gems, bright colors, and unique structure and shape. Its meaning, forever changing through the

eyes of the observer.

You can pair it with any reserved outfit to give it that touch of glam. Or pair it with the already-festive for a look that will

be impossible to miss.


Black Diamonds: 0.25 ct. total weight

Sapphire Marquise: 0.15 ct.

Rough diamond: 0.06 ct.

Tourmaline: 0.2 ct. total weight

Tourmaline drop: 0.45 ct. total weight

Blue Topaz: 0.5 ct.


Pendant length: 39 mm

Pendant width: 15 mm

*IL-URD: 12.05.2021

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