About Neta Wolpe

Here at Neta Wolpe we give much love and attention when designing jewelry. Neta designs twice a year, creating new collections to be sold worldwide. Specializing in engagement rings, wedding rings, bracelets, necklaces and more, Neta’s design techniques and craftsmanship are of the highest caliber. Using Middle Eastern and European influences, Neta inspires unique and extraordinary designs and styles in a range of unlikely combinations from an assortment of gold, gems and diamonds.

At the Neta Wolpe Studio you can get personalized and custom designed jewelry. If you want to fix, fuse, consult; or just show off a piece that you may already own, you are welcome to bring your jewelry box to us for the best care.

An expert in jewelry design, Neta Wolpe has extensive experience in the field. In 1992 she began working independently as a jewelry designer. During her early years as a designer she worked with Centrals Networks, like Gras, Magnolia and the Israeli Coin and Medal Company. She was also the “house designer” for many stores throughout the country, using her professional name.  Neta later began exporting her jewelry collections to other countries including the USA, Spain, England and Australia.  A year later, this export trade comprised 80% of her business.  In 2008, Neta opened her studio to the public where private customers can view the collections made from white, yellow and rose gold and precious stones.  The jewelry is produced in small quantities to ensure originality and high quality.

Her Style - Vintage Style Jewelry in a Modern World

Personal Story

"Forever" is her mentality when designing a new collection or special order piece.  “I want you to be even happier with your jewelry ten or twenty years after you buy it.” She garners inspiration from all around her, knowing that her work will be a piece of jewelry for life, something which will never be taken off and will be passed on for generations.

My basic knowledge of art and design stems from my childhood with my mother, a teacher in sewing and crafts.  At a young age, my mother's friends would come over and sew clothes, bags and various decorative home items, and I often joined them. We were always using our hands as a way of social gathering and this was my natural community. My mother would use the things we made at home as part of her lessons for craft classes at school. I remember helping my grandmother choose fabrics for skirts and dresses and we would use the leftovers to make pillows and dolls. At the time, all the stitching and sewing was done by hand, long before using sewing machines. In fact, this method has inspired the use of fabrics and colored threads into my jewelry. The knowledge I gained from those lessons has helped me today and is why the craft warms my heart. My understanding of jewelry design and technique comes to me easily, in a natural and pure form because it comes straight from my roots.