Neta Wolpe – Terms of Use

This website, ("The Site"), was established and is owned by Neta Wolpe – jewelry designer, manufacturer and distributor, whose address is 1 Gedera St. , Tel Aviv, Israel, Tel 972-3-5165268, Fax: 972-3-5101107, Email:

Neta and the persons and entities acting on her behalf will be referred to herein as "The Designer."


  1. General Provisions:

1.1.      The titles and headings in this document are for convenience only and may not be used for the interpretation of any of the following provisions.

1.2.     Please read the following provisions carefully as they apply to every purchase you make in the site. These rules constitute the legal basis for any issue or discussion you may have with the designer.

1.3.      If you disagree with any of the following conditions, please do not use this site.

1.4.      This site is reserved for the sole use of legally competent adults.

1.5.      This site must not be used for commercial purposes, or for any purpose other than the individual purchase of jewelry for personal use.

1.6.      By using this site you express your consent that you will not make any inappropriate or unlawful use of the site, its contents or its products, and that you will not take any action that is prohibited by this Terms of Use document. The Designer is entitled to cancel orders or purchases which, in her discretion, violate the rules, without derogating from any other action at her disposal against infringers.

  1. Items for Sale:

2.1.      Some or all of the items offered in the site are custom made according to the client's particular order. As the items are hand-made, they may differ from one another, including differences in texture between similar gemstones.

2.2.      The site offers brand new items, and they are sent in their original packaging.

2.3.      The photographs and computer designed items in the site are for illustration only. The sold items may be partially different from these illustrations. This may be caused by the limitations of graphic design, screen resolutions or the use of certain software.

2.4.      The Designer shall not be liable for unintentional errors in the site such as text errors, erroneous item descriptions and erroneous prices. The Designer reserves the right to cancel orders based on any such mistakes.

2.5.      The supply of items listed in the site is subject to their availability (and the availability of their components) in stock in the time of the receipt of the order. If a particular item is out of stock, the designer will make a reasonable effort to procure it as soon as possible or to suggest a proper substitute. In such case, you shall be able to modify or cancel your order.

2.6.      The Designer reserves the right to discontinue, at any time and without prior notice, the production of any item. The Designer reserves the right to remove items from the site, and refuse to sell or produce them for you.

2.7.      The Designer does not warrant that an offered item can be found, or can be directly purchased, at her store or at any other on-site sales location, even if the site so indicates.

2.8.      The prices indicated at the website at the date of the purchase include Israel VAT tax, when applicable. The Designer reserves the right to modify at any time, and without prior notice, the listed prices.

2.9.      Payments for the items are processed through Paypal.

  1. Placing Your Order:

3.1.      The order form will require you to provide the following information: First name, last name, ID, company name, phone number, city, zip code, email, payment details and any other necessary information for the procurement of a tax invoice or a receipt.

3.2.      Providing false information is a criminal offense according to Israeli law. Please provide correct and accurate personal details.

3.3.      If the information provided within the order is incorrect, The Designer will not be liable for its faulty execution. In the case of returned items due to erroneous shipping information, you will be charged for the shipping and handling costs involved.

3.4.       As the orders are made and executed online, there may disruptions or errors in the submission and execution process. If you receive an error notice or encounter any other problem within the ordering process, please call or email The Designer to resolve the matter.

  1.  Confirmation of Your Order:

4.1.      Your order will be confirmed in writing, via an e-mail from The Designer to the e-mail address provided in the order. The confirmation e-mail will be sent within 5 (five) business days upon the order's receipt. The Designer shall have the discretion to refuse to confirm an order, for any reason.

4.2.      Upon receipt of your order as well as the required approval from Paypal, and subject to the availability of the item and its components in stock, your order will be considered valid and The Designer will supply the ordered items.

4.3       We reserve the right to cancel any order upon our discretion.

  1. Shipping :

5.1.      The ordered items will be produced, packed and sent within 20 business days following the confirmation of your payment by Paypal. In the case of an unexpected delay in the production or delivery of an item, The Designer will notify you promptly.

5.2.      The dollar amount prices listed in the website include overseas shipping to the U.S. and Europe. If you wish to ship to another destination, please contact The Designer at in order to verify the possibility of shipment to the desired destination and to receive information regarding any additional shipping costs.

5.3.      Items below $ 150 will be shipped via certified mail. Items above $150 will be shipped via EMS, accompanied by a tracking number to be monitored at or any other applicable service.

5.4.      The Designer will not be liable for delays in delivery for reasons beyond her control, including force majeure, strikes, technical problems, slowdowns in the mail system, and so forth.

5.5.      The Designer will not ship items to any address which was not approved through the Paypal system.

5.6.      A mailbox (P.O.Box) is not a valid address for shipping or other purposes.


  1.  Returns & Exchange Policy :

6.1.      The returns and exchange policy set forth below applies only to non-custom made items.

6.2.      If you wish to request the return of an item, please contact The Designer in writing, via e-mail, within 14 days following the arrival of the item. The Designer will either refuse to authorize a return or exchange, or allow it, in which case you will receive detailed shipping instructions. You will be liable for any tax payments that may required in connection to a return, a refund or an exchange. The Designer will be entitled to pay the aforementioned taxes on her and your behalf, and deducted them from your refund.

6.3.      The return and exchange of an item will be approved against proper documentation which would confirm that identify the buyer as the person who is requesting the return or the exchange, and against proofs or purchase such as the original invoice.

6.4.      The Designer will approve a refund or an exchange upon examining the returned item and confirming that it remained in its original packaging, including the documents included in its original package, that it is in perfect condition and that it has not been used.

6.5.      The Designer will not approve the refund or the exchange of any item which was modified after its acquisition, including any changes in size.

6.6.      The Designer will not authorize more than one exchange per transaction.

6.7.      An approved return will entitle you to a full refund of your payment, with the exception of the following deductions: the shipping costs involved in the original transaction, and any taxes paid with respect to the original transaction.

6.8.      Your will bear the shipping costs involved in an exchange. Namely, shipping of the returned item to The Designer, and shipping of the replacement to its destination.

6.9.      The designer may approve the return or replacement of items which have been used but remained intact. In such cases, the cleaning and rearranging costs of the used item will be deducted from the refund, as well as brought into account within a proposed exchange.

6.10.   The above policy shall not derogate from The Designer's right to bring claims against any third parties with respect to any damages incurred to the items during or after their production.

6.11.   The Designer shall not be liable, nor will she accept a return or repair an item that has been damaged due to improper use or improper care or which was damaged during the shipping process.

  1. Privacy:

7.1.      Your personal details, email address and all other details included in your order are for billing, ordering, shipping and correspondence purposes only. The Designer will refrain, whenever possible, from disclosing such information to third parties unless forced to do so by virtue of a judicial order. In addition, in the case of a legal dispute or a legal action which involves the transaction, The Designer will be entitled to transfer the information to any party involved in the dispute.

7.2.      The Designer will take reasonable steps to ensure a secure online environment and to protect the information that you provide

7.3.      You may remove your name from The Designer's mailing list at any time.

  1. Intellectual Property:

8.1.      All rights to the site, its design, applications, graphics, images, texts, fonts, trademarks (registered or unregistered,) designed items, photographs, models, feedbacks and all other materials contained in the website are protected under intellectual property laws and copyright laws, and they exclusively belong to The Designer.

8.2.      You may not copy, reproduce, publish, make changes to, publicly display or otherwise use the photos and illustrations of the items, and you may not create any derivative of any items or other displayed materials, and you may not make any other use in and of the elements in the website, unless The Designer provided explicit, written consent to any such action.

  1. Miscellaneous:

9.1.      Designer reserves the right to change the terms of this document at any time and without prior notice. Changes and adjustments shall apply immediately upon posting . It is recommended that you read the terms of use from time to time to determine whether any such changes are agreeable.

9.2.      It is prohibited to interfere with the site and its contents, to upload any information, codes, "Trojan horses," viruses, "worms" and all other malicious software. You are also prohibited from planting inappropriate content, threatening language or any language prohibited by law, including defamatory language or language which infringes  invasion of privacy

9.3.      The website may be linked to other websites. The Designer is not responsible for the content of these sites, the services that they offer or the quality of the items offered by them. These links do not imply any business connection or relationship between The Designer and the operators of the linked sites and the use of these sites is your responsibility alone.

9.4.      The Designer has the right to deny third party access to the site or to any part of it at any time at her discretion and without prior notice. The Designer may discontinue operating this website or any part of it at any time and without prior notice.

9.5.      In the case of a dispute concerning a purchased item or any claim concerning a service rendered in the site, the courts in Tel Aviv shall have the exclusive jurisdiction over any such dispute or claim.

9.6.      This agreement is solely governed by the laws of the State of Israel.