Fine Gemstone Earrings

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14 Karat
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Earrings adorned with oval emeralds framed in gold hanging from a vertical row of pearls.
Item Number: E9043-145

Stunning and unique fine gemstone earrings adorned with beautiful oval emeralds framed in gold. Emeralds hang from a vertical row of two round white pearls held in four prong clasps. The Emerald and Pearl Vintage Style Earrings are securely closed with a unique hand-held closure that gives beauty to the earring as well as extra security. Beautiful earrings that suit women of a wide variety of ages. The contrast between the green emerald and the pure white color of the pearls creates a fascinating and breathtaking vintage look.

Weight of stones:
Emeralds: 0.50 ct. each
Pearls: 1.5 mm in diameter Overall length bracket: 1.3 cm
Lower width (emerald): 4 mm
Upper width (row of pearls): 2 mm
<>* Each item designed in our studio is available in 14k and 18k gold, yellow, rose and white.

* We are committed to using environmentally friendly products and conflict-free stones.
* Stones can be changed according to personal preference. For any change or advice please contact the studio.

14k Yellow Gold

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