Inspired by Eärendil Cosmic Blue & Green Earrings

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14 Karat
18 Karat
Vintage style multicolor gemstone stud earrings in solid gold
Item Number: E9104-162

Stunning Victorian style gemstone studs, inspired by Eärendil that was one of the Half-elven, and an important figure.

Gold earrings with sapphire, blue topaz, white and black diamonds and emeralds cz.

The solid gold craftsmanship is detailed and ornate, and a perfect combination of gold and gems to compliment each other and constitute a substantial array of glamour.

With secure screw back closures, you can be sure that these pair will be with you for life.

In the shape of a flower, the center is a delicate diamond surrounded by two emerald cz, black diamond, row diamond, blue topaz and gorgeous sapphire.

Victorian style gemstone studs are for the vintage lover with an appreciation for colored gemstones.


sapphire, blue topaz, white and black diamonds and emeralds cz

Diameter: 7 mm

*URD-IL: 26.02.2024

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