Ancient Gold Coin Necklace

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18 Karat
18 Karat
Ancient gold coin necklace with engravings on a gold chain
Item Number: N8176-100
This Ancient Gold Coin Necklace is a stunning necklace that takes us back to earlier times.The history is that the coin was stamped in Jerusalem in the years 131-130 BCE at a time when Judea was under the Hellenistic rule of the Seleucid King Antiochus VII, with the vassal King Yohanan Hyrcanus sitting in Jerusalem.  The contrast between the two is shown by the differences in stamping on either side.  The coin itself is wrapped in rich rose gold and hangs on a delicate rose gold chain.  The perfect contrast between ancient and modern, the necklace is timeless and unique.

Pendant height: 22 mm (including enclosure)
Chain length: 42 cm

Each piece of jewelry is available in 14k gold in yellow, white, or rose gold. We are committed to using eco-friendly products and conflict free stones.


14K Rose Gold

14K Yellow Gold


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