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Stacking Rings/Bands

"More is More and Less is a Bore" are the famous words of New York style icon Iris Apfel and when it comes to designing jewelry and particularly the way I design rings, I couldn’t agree more.  A woman will find herself collecting jewelry throughout her life; a statement ring from her favorite jewelry designer, a vintage inspired ring she purchased from the fashion market, a delicate ring received from friends on her birthday, a timeless vintage ring inherited from her grandparents.    Her collection will grow over time, and she may find herself preferring to wear new rings and then feeling not so sure about when and how to wear the older rings in her jewelry box.  This is where I find the beauty of Stackable rings or stacking rings comes in.  Each ring she has collected, representing a memory, an experience, a part of her journey, can be worn together at once, and she is now able to give new life to her treasures. This completely aligns with my design aesthetic, which is very eclectic- I love mixing old with new, vintage with modern, and so for a woman to be able to wear a combination of rings together at once, both old and new, each one telling a sort of story of her life, is truly beautiful to me.  Whilst indeed a beautiful ring sparkles on its own, stacking a combination of gorgeous rings together is a subtle way to elevate your everyday look, adding an element of understated style and glamour.   Many of the rings in my collections have been created with the idea that they would be worn together, stacked elegantly on one finger. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.