Quartz Ruby and Diamonds Gold Earrings

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14 Karat
18 Karat
Aquamarine Bulb Necklace features a blue aquamarine shape pendant hanging from a gold chain
Item Number: E8220-162

Triple Hanging Quartz Earrings

Drop earrings consisting of three elements. The top gypsy is inlaid with diamonds; the second hoop is inlaid with gray

diamonds and rubies, and finally, a quartz stone droplet hanging.

Exquisite earrings that will add charm and color to any look.


White diamonds: 0.25 Total weight

Gray and ruby diamonds: 0.01 carat per stone



Ruby and diamond pendant diameter: 7 mm

Earring length including loop: 25 mm

Available in yellow, white, or rose gold and 14K or 18K gold.

IL-URD 12.05.2021* 

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