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Gold Jewelry Renewal: To Melt Down or Not to Melt Down?

Jewelry Box GoldOne of the things I like the most about my work is encountering old and antique jewelry, the stories and the people associated with each piece of jewelry. What I like even more about these encounters, is reconstructing and repairing the different pieces of jewelry, or the challenge offered by some of my clients who ask me to design an exclusive piece of jewelry using part of the family heirloom which they inherited. Every time I see a ring that was made a century ago, I can visualize in my mind's eye the artisan who crafted it. This arouses my interest and respect as a fellow jeweler for those craftsmen.  When someone asks me to renew an old piece of jewelry, I will gladly invest my experience and expertise to make my client happy.

Some examples of the kind of work I do to refresh an old piece of jewelry: 

  •      - Adjusting the size of an antique engagement ring
  •      - Plating a piece of white gold jewelry with rhodium
  •      - Polishing
  •      - Melting down old gold
  •      - Assess the value of a piece of jewelry
  •      - Check the quality of the gemstones set in a piece of jewelry
  •      - Changing the clasp of an earring.
  •      - Shortening a gold chain
  •      - Reinforcing a claw in which a gemstone is set, etc.  


Please contact me to arrange a renewal meeting.