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Jewelry Cleaning & Care

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Gold Jewelry Care

Neta Wolpe Jewelry is handcrafted, well made, and will last a lifetime with the right care and cleaning. We suggest taking the following steps to keep your jewelry looking great.

Most designs have a polished finished, but matte finishes may not take to a polishing cloth as expected. If tarnish or buildup occurs, the jewelry can be washed with a soft bristled tooth brush and a small amount of mild dish soap and warm water. Make sure the piece is thoroughly rinsed and dried completely with a soft cloth or soft paper towel. It is important that the piece is completely dry before being worn or stored, residual water will speed up tarnishing. Store your jewelry in a pouch or covered jewelry box located in a clean, dry place.

A polishing cloth can be used to clean chains, but should not be used on pendants, rings, earrings, or bracelets. To clean the chain fold the polishing cloth over the chain and gently run the chain through while holding the cloth. Be very gentle and apply little pressure when doing so to prevent breaking the chain.

Moisture, lotion, perfume and perspiration can all lead to tarnishing and buildup on jewelry. Remove your jewelry before showering, swimming, using strong chemicals, applying lotions, makeup, or any other activities where the jewelry may be at risk of being damaged.

Pieces containing more delicate gems such as pearls, emeralds, tanzanites, labradorites and moonstones, should not be put in an ultrasonic or come in contact with any chemical cleaners. Diamonds, rubies, and sapphires are harder, more resilient stones and can be cleaned in an ultrasonic. We discourage the use of chemical cleaners on any jewelry.

Tips for Preserving Pearls

Pearls are gorgeous to look at and even more rewarding to wear. They have elegance to them whether they are on a string around your neck, a classic ring or a pair of timeless earrings. Because we want our jewels to last a lifetime, I have some tips for you so that you may preserve your pearls in the best possible way. At your leisure, you are invited to view my gallery featuring an array of styles and unique pieces just for you!

Daily Care
Pearls are more delicate than you think. They are organic gemstones that are vulnerable to acid, alkaline, and extreme cases of humidity. We have found that the best way to preserve your pearls’ luster is to avoid contact with perfume, hair spray and makeup and other cosmetics. Jewelry should always be put on last, after you have done your makeup and hair. The pearl’s luster can also be harmed by perspiration. Before returning your pearls to the jewelry box, wipe them gently with a soft cloth. This should prevent any harmful agents from damaging your precious pearls.

Pearl Wearing
Be careful not to wear pearls while bathing, as soaking in water can weaken the silk thread. It’s also best to avoid direct sunlight or high temperatures. If pearls come into contact with substances such as vinegar, fruit juices or detergents, immediately wipe them clean with a soft cloth. With these simple guidelines, you should be able preserve your pearls for generations to come.