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Bridal Jewelry

A wedding is often one of the most important milestones in a womans life. There are many choices to be made in relation to the ceremony, the wedding dress, the event, which will all tend to reflect the unique personal style and taste of the bride.  When it comes to Bridal Jewelry however, the choice should be a simple one.  Beautiful, timeless, classic jewelry, that speaks to the bride, yet jewelry that will remain a treasure, a special heirloom, with the ability for the stunning jewelry to be passed on from generation to generation.  

For me, a bride should not just select an expensive, flashy piece of jewelry to wear once at her wedding, never to be seen or worn again.  The beauty of elegant, classic jewelry is its timeless quality, uniqueness and sentimentality, which indeed fits the occasion and adds that extra special something.   

 Neta Wolpe designs and creates timeless and classic bridal jewelry that you will love, and want to wear over and over again.  We invite you to the Neta Wolpe studio to help design you that special piece of jewelry to be worn on your special day, that can one day be passed on to your daughters, granddaughters or loved ones, perhaps to be worn on their own special days.