Inspired by Durin Gold Ax Pendant set with Sapphires

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18 Karat
18 Karat

Gold Ax Pendant set with Orange and Red Sapphires

Item Number: N9207-149

Gold necklace with an ax pendant inspired by Durin,one of  the seven fathers of the dwarves. 
The ax is made in different textures of gold finish and inlaid with two sapphire stones
Red sapphire and orange sapphire.
A special pendant that is suitable for men and women and can be combined with other necklaces.


Sapphiers: 0.07 ct. each stone

Length: 32 mm
Maximum width: 16 mm
Chain Length:42 cm

Each piece of jewelry is available in 14k and 18k gold in yellow, white, or rose gold. We are committed to using eco-friendly products and conflict free stones.

*IL-URD 26.02.2024

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