Stas came to meet me in order to design a one of a kind engagement ring, accompanied with a photo album from his latest trip to Japan with his soon to become Fiance'.
The photos were mesmerizing and immediately i was inspired from the japanese traditional aesthetics also known as Wabi Sabi - So then Stas challenged me as a designer even further, asking to add to the ring touches of nature, leaves, inspired from the japanese botanical gardens and sprinkle it all with diamonds! How exciting ! We decided to go with a Marquise cut center diamond imitating a shape of a leaf , extending the design of the leaves in solid gold all the way to the sides of the band , where i added a touch of black diamonds as well to match the japanese monochramatic color aesthetic.
The result a perfect in its imperfect symmetry
one of a kind engagement ring.
I wish Stas and Neta many years of travelling and inspiration, may their albums be full of beautiful locations and memories.