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The Benefits Of Designing Your Own Engagement Ring

Your engagement is something you’ve been dreaming about your entire life, and you’ve probably put some serious thought into the ring you’ll proudly display on your left hand. Well, rather than just sit back and let someone else decide, many women are taking the initiative to play a role in designing their own ring to ensure they’ll end up with something they’re 100% happy with.  Neta Wolpe Jewelry gives you the opportunity to design the engagement ring you’ve always dreamed of. Neta specializes in timeless and unique pieces for customers all over the world, and has a special knack for creating vintage-inspired designs with a modern twist.

An example of Neta Designing a ring for a customer


Need more convincing? Here are a few benefits of designing your own ring.

It Takes Two

An engagement ring symbolizes the journey you and your fiancé taken together so far, as well as your future together… bright, bold and beautiful. As a result, many couples decide this is the kind of big purchase they should go shopping for together. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this. In fact, it’s very proactive. It ensures that both you and your future husband have a hand in choosing the ring, but also, that the ring is a real-life representation of your partnership.

Dream Come True

Just because you’ve picked out your own ring doesn’t mean the surprise element of your engagement no longer exists. You and your fiancée may have designed the ring together, but he still gets to take charge of the exciting part of planning where and when he’ll pop the question. By working together to design a beautiful engagement ring that represents bot of you, you’ll create an even deeper bond with your future husband.

One Of A Kind

By designing your own engagement ring, you have the opportunity to make it truly unique. If you’re not a diamond kind of girl, think about a more unconventional stone for your ring. You can consider your birthstone or gem that is particularly meaningful to you and your fiancé to add an extra special touch. You could also incorporate a little bit of family history by selecting a stone that symbolizes family traditions. The sky's the limit  ladies! This is your chance to be as original as possible, and to let your personality speak for itself.

The engagement ring you create will represent you and your fiancé, and you’ll treasure it for many years to come. Most importantly, this will be just one of the many team decisions that you and your future-husband will undertake together, and it will be a wonderful and significant moment for you both.