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bridal jewelry

We know that the engagement ring is a symbol of not only the will to bind, but to establish a home and family.  This is often the first ownership of a precious piece of jewelry.  It is meant to be cherished and passed on among generations.  However, the engagement ring is not the only piece the bride to be will receive for the wedding.  In some Middle Eastern traditions, it is common for the parents of the groom to buy the bride a piece of jewelry (aside from the rings themselves).  This piece can be anything from a pair of earrings, a gold bracelet, or a necklace set with gemstones.  Some brides like to choose their wedding jewelry themselves for their special day.  

Choosing Bridal Jewelry

For the bridal jewelry to match the dress and the occasion, it is recommended to adjust the jewelry to personally fit the bride herself.  It is best to try to think long-term.  It is not recommended to buy an outrageously expensive and flashy piece on a momentary whim. Purchase something that can be used throughout the years, whether it is a day to day piece or one worn for special occasions. Its timelessness and sentiment will add to its value as it is passed on from generation to generation.  Many women invest their jewels first and foremost by their emotional value, binding them to their memories years after the wedding has passed. The tradition will keep on when left to their daughters, granddaughters or loved ones.  Thus, this jewelry will be there to stand the test of time. With its quality, uniqueness, and sentimentality, you are invited to the studio of Neta Wolpe to create these exact jewels that will eventually become the beautiful heirlooms to accompany you throughout your lives.

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