At Neta Wolpe Jewelry Designs, you may find a wide variety of bracelets and bangles. As most of the influences come from the Middle East and Europe, you will see a lot of filigree and hand carved detailing into her gold pieces. Using the finest materials, the work speaks for itself. Pieces are perfect alone or in combination with other Neta Wolpe Jewelry. Bangles can be stacked for a more stylish and fuller look and can come with personal engravings. Many of the bracelets make wonderful gifts for special occasions and special people in our lives. One of the featured styles for this season is Moroccan bracelets, in honor of a recent trip to Morocco that Neta took. Read more about the adventure in the blog.

Moroccan Bracelets
The definition of a Moroccan bracelet does not actually mean the bracelet originates from Morocco. There seems to be a conspiracy about this, as Moroccan bracelets can come from all over the world, from Yemen to Poland. Thus, there are many differences in their design. There are two type of Moroccan bracelets. The first, is the bangle that has no bracket or closure and can vary in width and thickness, are often worn with multiple bangles, and typically feature a cyclical floral pattern, or can feature a plain smooth band. This style of bracelet is supposed to represent the birth of a child or wealth of a family.

The second type of Moroccan bracelet is wide and has a hinged closure. The styles vary, depending on the communities from which they originate. The styles from Morocco usually use a combination of foil with filigree work. Which result in bracelets with a narrower axle, box-like volume and decorated with engravings. What characterizes the Moroccan gold bangles is the spectacular oriental and ornamental metalwork. So please come for a free evaluation to my studio or browse online to our wonderful and unique collection.