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Diamond Earing's

Stud earrings are the classic piece of jewelry, that every woman (and even man) should own. Different occasions require different pieces of jewelry. Studs with more elaborate designs, using diamonds, precious stones and pearls are an excellent choice of jewelry for more formal occasions. Small single diamond or gemstone stud earrings made with 14/18k will also suit a more casual look, making it simple and easy to wear the earrings day to day.
Today we see men adorning the stud earrings (usually in one ear but sometimes in both). In the studio, you can find a vast assortment of studs for both men and women, yellow, white or rose gold, bridal stud earrings, pearls, diamond studs and earrings embellished with various precious gemstones such as ruby or emerald. Apart from the wide range of stud earrings available in the studio you can ask to customize a set of earrings to personalize them to your own desires.